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Galvannealed Steel Sheet

Galvannealed Steel Sheet

When corrosion resistance, long service life and paintability are critical, Cincinnati Steel Products Co. recommends hot-dip galvannealed steel sheet.

This carbon steel sheet is coated on both sides by the continuous hot-dip process, then immediately subjected to an in-line heat treatment. This converts the entire coating into a zinc-iron alloy (the iron diffuses from the steel into the coating). The galvannealed surface has a non-spangled matte finish and may appear similar to uncoated cold-rolled steel.

The galvannealed surface is harder than a galvanized coating and the zinc-iron alloy can be welded more easily than galvanized. It is also more resistant to scratching and manufacturing damage and accepts painting readily, often without pre-treating.

• Typical Thicknesses: Gauges 10 ga. - 24 ga.
• Common Widths: 48" - 60"
• Typical Applications Include: Automotive parts and panels, garage doors, highway signs, vending machines, etc.

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