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Galvanized Steel Sheet

Galvanized Steel

Cincinnati Steel Products Co. can supply hot-dip galvanized steel sheet coated with zinc on two sides by a continuous hot-dip process. It is kept in stock and available in a range of widths and thicknesses.

The surface treatment provides enhanced resistance to corrosion and stains, improved formability, and can be used bare, pre-painted or post-painted.

Galvanized steel sheet lends itself to most fabrication processes. It can be roll- and brake-formed, lock seamed. Joining methods include adhesive bonding, riveting, soldering and welding. Cincinnati Steel Products Co. technical advisors can help you achieve maximum advantage from hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in your specific applications.

• Typical Thicknesses: Gauges 10 ga. - 26 ga.
• Common Widths: 48" & 60"
• Typical Applications Include: Ideal for applications where corrosion resistance is required, including: HVAC equipment, exposed transportation parts and panels, display cases, electrical boxes, farm buildings, lighting fixtures, outdoor signs and prefab buildings, etc.

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